Sunday, January 13, 2008

Legislative election observation trip comes to an end

I'm back to Taipei.

Feels like I have been traveling between two different countries--reflecting on both the results of the legislative elections and the weather.

It was an incredible experience. Later on, I'll sort out all the photos and videos I've got and post an article with complete details and my thoughts(or maybe sometime after my final exams!)

First of all, I must express my gratitude to Professor Phillips. He's one of the most interesting person I've met. He's never hungry or tired, and is interested in every person or event we ran into. He had all sorts of good questions to ask--I stole a few of them and tested it on taxi drivers later on. It produced great results. Best of all, he was funny and easy to get along with, so that made the trip really fun.

Second of all, I must thank Professor Dittmer. Although I only got to know him for about a day or so, and he was also rather quiet, he always paid great attention to any person and their opinions--no matter if they were silly or not. He really respected the ideas of others. I've learned a lot from him.

Last of all, I must thank Professor Ho, Vicky, Chia-An(家安) and Wei-Chia(偉嘉). Professor Ho and Chia-An give me the opportunity to participate in this trip. Vicky gave us tremendous support and took care of all the annoying details. Wei-Chia really carried me along, handling all kinds of issues.

Meanwhile, I also met Professor Gold who was very fluent in Mandarin and Col Dennis Blasko who was incredibly nice to me. Looking forward to have the chance to know them better.

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Chih-Hsiang Liao said...

I would love to see your final report about this parliament election.