Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wrapping it up

Wow! More than a month since my last post...

It has certainly been a arduous month with the GRE test on 6/7, and numerous term papers piling up on my schedules. The finals have also arrived starting next week, wrapping it all up with the TOEFL test on 6/29. I guess the last few step are always the toughest; trying to focus when you're exhausted and worn out.

Seems like everyone around me is surrounded by the atmosphere of saying goodbye. Commencement Day was on the same day as my GRE test, so I missed that--although I already had mine last year. Weitin finished her finals and is waiting to graduate next week. My sister graduated from high school yesterday(Congratulations, Grace!), and is heading to UW. My roommates are preparing to move out since our apartment is due on 7/7. While fighting to keep it all out--in order to stay focused--soon it will be my turn to part with the friends, the places, and the memories of my college life.

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