Monday, July 7, 2008

Here in Tainan

With the rain pouring outside(strange timing for this kind of intensity of rain), I'm sitting in my room in Tainan. Below are some of the things I did recently.

First of all, during the past few days, I have been packing and moving and PACKING AND MOVING. Five years of stuff ain't that easy to sort out. Lots of interesting stuff popped out(notes and cards and those sort of things), which I carefully collected into folders. There were also those books or notes from classes with absolute no value that you know you will never look at again--these, I threw out with great relief!

Second, I checked a few minutes ago and guess what? All my scores were out!! Which means that the most unpredictable part of graduating has past. Although there was this one subject that
didn't come out the way I expected, it couldn't have any major effects on my GPA--besides, even if it did, there was nothing I could do. Anyways, with the complete transcript, I will be able run through the final graduation procedures.

Third, I was helping Meow settle down at Weitin and her roommates' place. Even though I would miss her a lot, she would be much more comfortable there--compared to the humid and enduring high temperatures at my old place. They have AC and lots of high shelves to climb on, creating a cozy new home for Meow. In the future I might even bring Bubble, Weitin's cousin's baby cat, to accompany her. So that should kill some of her boredom.

Finally, I'll be off to Tai-tung for the next three days. I'm planning to relax in the day and study TOEFL at night, which takes place this Saturday. Vacation, here I come!

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