Saturday, August 23, 2008

Short Break

After 12 days of military training (half way through), I finally got to take a break. Like what I said to people who called me since yesterday, the training was physically easy, but mentally tough.

Military training for Civilian alternative service sounds easier than the training for the army, but conversely, that wasn't what I experienced. On one hand, this year MOI (Ministry of the Interior) wanted to straighten up the reputation of its troops: "lay back" soldiers. On the other hand, the training was executed by personnel dispatched by the military--normally lieutenants. Therefore, they applied the standards of normal troops on us--even though most people go to Civilian Alternative Service due to physical conditions. In their belief, as long as others could reach their standards, why couldn't we do it.

To depict the tough mental environment, I'll give you some simple statistics: the average frequency of pooping in our squad is 3~4 time in 12 days. In addition, 3 (out of 110) people didn't poop at all during the first 7 days. We basically lacked the time and the mood to poop, choosing to spend time folding our blankets to reach "blanket codes" instead (or else we might get banned of break).

Well, I have to get back to the military base before 7:00 pm so it is time for me to stop writing. The good news is I'll be taking a break again in 6 days. See you guys soon!

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Jessica said...

I guess the pooping statistics were geared towards Grace?