Friday, January 9, 2009

Some Interesting Developments

1. China sends navy to fight Somali pirates:
Three Chinese navy ships, armed with special forces, helicopters and missiles, are on their way to join the international anti-piracy task force patrolling the waters off Somalia.
Ships from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan can request the escort services of the Chinese mainland's navy fleet in Somalian waters, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang at a regular press conference here Tuesday.
A senior official says Taiwan is considering sending a naval force to protect its fishing vessels off the coast of the African nation of Somalia.

Thursday's comments by Mainland Affairs Council Vice Chairman Chao Chien-min come amid rising concern over attacks by Somali-based pirates against foreign vessels, including those from Taiwan.

Chao says that the Taiwanese government is currently studying the feasibility of dispatching its navy to the area, but that a final decision has not yet been reached.

There are now more than a dozen warships guarding Somalia's waters. Countries including the US, Britain, China, France, Germany and Iran have naval forces off the Somali coast or on their way there.
Hearing lots of rumors now. Let's see how it develops.

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