Sunday, September 6, 2009

Settling Down in Charlottesville

The Rotunda

Two weeks have already passed since I arrived here at UVA. Below are some of the things that have kept me busy.

For the first week or so I was busy settling down: buying furniture (I was offered an unfurnished apt.) and home appliances, etc. Soon after courses began, I was then overwhelmed by reading materials and TA work. Leading TA sections were the most challenging at first, since I had to shake the rust off my English comprehension skills and talk about concepts I've learned in Mandarin. The huge reading lists have benefited me, however, by significantly expanding my vocabulary in such short time.

Considering the limited free time I will have in the near future, perhaps sharing the notes of my recent readings will be a plausible way to keep this blog running.

Below are some more pictures I've taken recently.

Garrett Hall and the symbol of the "Z" society

The Rotunda

The Chapel

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Jessica said...

UVA looks absolutely gorgeous. Glad you like it there