Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recent Links on High Skill Migration

Russians protest by emigrating, not demonstrating (Washington Post)
While protesters have been marching in the Middle East demanding liberty, Russians have been mostly silent. Instead of packing the streets, some have been quietly packing their bags, pursuing freedom in a new wave of emigration.
People are not property: Please stop saying that countries “steal” doctors from Africa (Michael Clemens).
This week, Professor Jonathan Wolff has warned the world that the United States “steals doctors from poorer countries” because it “simply does not train enough doctors to meet its voracious appetite for medical attention.” This is a strong accusation. Professor Wolff, a philosopher, should reconsider several dubious assumptions that his strong claim requires.


Grace Liao said...

This is an interesting perspective on healthcare workers. Ethiopia produces one of the largest number of well trained doctors in all of Africa, yet most of them practice in the US. If only they could stay in Africa and receive better benefits, it could've taken off a huge burden of the African health care system.

Steven Liao said...

On the other hand, if they didn't practice in the US, they wouldn't be able to send back so many remittances to their families, which may be used for better education and improved living standards that ultimately may take burden off their health care system.