Tuesday, July 15, 2008

On request of my Father

Since I just graduated recently, he suggested me to do some updating of my profiles and other stuff. Therefore, I did some synchronizing on my CV, my profile, and Meow's photos.

I'm also conducting an update on my graduate school application information, which includes tons of important dates, requirements and application files.

In addition, I received my diploma yesterday. It contains two versions: Chinese and English. On it is my name, the title of two majors, and in a parenthesis, the title of my minor. In retrospect, acquiring that additional second line of major description plus the tiny parenthesis above it took such an effort--an extra year and a workload that averages 23 credits per semester. Being able to finally see and hold on to the diploma meant a great deal to me. Below are two pictures of it and I want to share with you all.


078 said...

Hey~ Long time no see!
I've searching for you since summer vacation.
Do you know who I am?

Steven Liao said...

Sure! There's only one person I know of that uses this ID. What have you been doing? Did you finish military service? How's everything going? Are you in Tainan?