Friday, August 1, 2008

Update on test scores

All the test results came out today. The results are listed below.

For the GRE paper-based test I scored:
  • Verbal: 600/800 (% below:85)
  • Quantitative: 770/800 (% below:88)
  • Analytical writing: 4.0 (% below:37)
For the ibt-TOEFL test:
  • Reading: 30/30
  • Listening: 30/30
  • Speaking: 26/30
  • Writing: 30/30
  • Total: 116
I was trying to achieve a total of 1400 points for the GRE, but I guess 1370 is acceptable. Preparation for it was arduous enough, so I'll go with it. I'll just have to complement the application package with other strong references.

Although TOEFL was quite easier--compared to GRE--scoring high was a difficult task. You had to concentrate for a length of 4.5 hours and minimize your errors--with only a 10 minute break. Speaking was a little lower than expected and writing a bit higher which sort of canceled out each other. In sum, I'm satisfied with the score, which reached my objective of scoring above 115.


twomou said...

i've told Jamie about ur score.

she is really panic now.

Henry Wang said...

good job! i only got like 1200 something.. but it doesn't matter now, since i got in :)

Steven Liao said...

scores are just scores... getting in is what really counts!

Wen-Chin said...

Congratulations! I think your degree with two majors and GRE scores will ensure you a decent graduate school in the United States!

Steven Liao said...

Thanks! I've still got my personal statement, SOP, writing sample to work on... and I hope I can start right away after boot camp (8/12~9/7)

I'll keep you updated on google doc, and if there's anything helpful in your mind, feel free to edit.

Good luck with the ICPSR program!

btw. I'll probably be able to check e-mails during the weekends--in case you want to write one.